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Vadim Bokleff (Bolshoy)127 mol gekuckt ginn
VADIM BOKLEFF (BOLSHOY) Foto123 mol gekuckt ginnWas born in Odessa in 1932. His education-PhD in physics. Since 1957 before repatriation to Israel in 1991 worked in Odessa. Participated in exhibitions: Odessa - 88, Areon-95, Аreon-96, numerous exhibitions of Israeli artists. Works of the artist are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Israel, USA, Australia and other countries.
Using externally traditional receptions, the artist achieves the unexpected decisions speaking about a romantic orientation of the author.
Catalogue of Ashkelon Artists117 mol gekuckt ginn
Invitation to Personal Exhibition, 1997, Ashkelon, Israel100 mol gekuckt ginn
Invitation to Personal Exhibition, 1998, Ashkelon, Israel99 mol gekuckt ginn
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